About Us

Xerioz was founded with a mission to help small-medium sized businesses established for providing a custom application with an innovative solution and reliable services in the digital industry.

Our Service

We aim to provide quality development and maintenance of your projects.

  • Mobile development

    We specialize in the development of complex mobile solutions. We develop apps for regular consumers and solutions for businesses to be integrated into their existing processes.

  • Web Development

    We develop Web applications of varying complexity: from small services and APIs to highly complex systems.

  • Custom Application

    From an idea to a complete product. Do you have a great idea for an app or a service but don’t know how to bring it to life? Worry no more. We take our clients through all of the stages of the product development process, step by step, no matter how complex the task might be.

  • IT Consultant

    We provide professional team which are adapt with all the latest technologies. Our team are here to help your business addressing key technology challenges, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

How it Works

The project development process may seem complex and daunting at first, but in reality it is much easier than you might think. Below are the descriptions of the main stages, that allow to develop the best solutions for our clients.

Project specification

The first step before the start of the development is the project specification. During a series of meetings, we formalize all the requirements our clients have and all the features they want to see in the final product. If there are any existing services that our client wants to be integrated with the app, they should pass all the relevant documentation at this point. The result of this stage is a formal document containing all the project’s specifications.


The next stage is the signing of the contract which contains estimated costs of development and deadlines for main stages of development. After the project has been signed we move on to scaffolding stage.

Design and prototyping

We develop a prototype of the app to make sure that our vision of the product, its structure and features satisfies all of the client’s requirements. We interact with our client on a constant basis throughout this stage to make sure we include and all the adjustments and changes our client might want to introduce. The result of this stage is a prototype of the app that demonstrates main uses cases of the app.


Development is usually the longest stage. We present the functionality of the app as we develop it. A series of meetings with the customer are held. Meetings allow you to refine requirements or make minor changes to the application and the system as a whole. At the end of the development, client confirms the test results then they sign the acceptance document (BAST).

Launch & Warranty

We publish the app to the marketplace (AppStore for iOS and Google Play Store for Android) or deploy website / web application to the server, includes a free-bug warranty to ensure the application is maintained after launch.

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